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#155934 - While Mr. Sweet Jesus Christ, he said out loud, it fucking works!!! Tommy, still not totally sure of himself, started off by asking Miss Arnold to perform an innocuous task, that being to open her purse and give him a dollar, and much to his utter delight, she dutifully performed the feat with not even a hint of awareness on her part! Getting bolder, her ordered, Open up your grade book and give me an A on last weeks test! Again, Miss Arnold performed like a champion, and Tommy's grade point moved up a couple of quick notches!!! Not being sure of how long his potion would last, Tommy looked furtively towards the door to make sure the coast was clear, and then demanded, Unbutton your blouse and show me your bra! With sweat breaking out on his forehead, Tommy watched in amazement as Miss Arnold calmly undid her top three buttons and presented to him her large breasts in her white lacy bra!!! Giving the door one more look, Tommy reached out and cupped the big boobs in his ha

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