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#208337 - Looking up from her stack of just completed tests, and seeing the consternation in Ellyn's face, the middle aged teacher relaxed a bit and replied, Oh well, I guess I can give you a few minutes, dear, have a seat and tell me what's on your mind!!! Ellen set her books on the corner of Miss Gray's desk and began slowly, Well, uh, it's like this, I can't talk to my mother about this stuff, cuz I know she won't understand!!! Now leaning back in her chair with her hands interlaced behind her head, Miss Gray asked casually, What wouldn't she understand, dear, I think most mothers are pretty good listeners, and from what I've seen of you mom, well I wouldn't be too worried about it!!! That's easy for you to say, Ellyn replied as the tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her cheeks, y-you don't have to face her and give her the kind of news that will just break her heart!!! You're not pregnant, are you,' Miss

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This is sexy
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Cory is amazing