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#376410 - ” Val guided my mother to the lounge chair and sat her down in it with a leg hanging over each arm rests, then Val bent down and kissed my mother’s already wet cunt, Val stood up and lined his cock towards my mother’s love hole, my mother pulled her large bald cunt lips apart giving Val clear access for him to enter her wet cunt. The four of us watched as Robert thrust in his cock into my mother's butt hole, then held my mother's hips steady, as he moaned as his cock began to blow his loads of cum into my mother's arse, he must of shot five large loads and as he removed his cock from my mother's arse he left a large hole where his cock had just been, Linda threw my mother a towel to help catch and clean the cum that flowed out her arse. I felt my balls tighten as I started to shoot my cum into Linda's arse, I shot two more loads before I was done, I love the feeling of how tight Linda's arse holds onto my cock not releasing it until I am finished

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