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#340658 - Helen Ames, RN, entered the examining room and set up the necessary equipment for Laura's treatment? while Dr. Nurse Ames picked up Laura's chart, wrote in a few entries, and then went over to the box of attachments and pulled out a small round ball, about the size of a large marble. Hughes turned on the machine, and the eight inch ivory pacifier started to vibrate while he order his nurse, Hold her open, Nurse Ames, let's get started!!! As was true in most cases, Laura almost instantly had the first of several shattering orgasms in her helpless vagina from the initial plunge of the pacifier! As each orgasm tore through her crotch, Nurse Ames recorded everyone of them in her notebook, even going so far as to indicate the depth and severity of each individual climax! After simulating sexual intercourse for the better part of fifteen minutes, Dr.

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