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#51384 - Fast and hard you thrust into me so very deep, I cry out in pain but also with the pleasure of you finally being inside me, the lips and walls of my vagina being stretched wide by your enormity, my mind screams NO he is way to big, it hurts to much, but my body is paying only attention to the pleasure, you thrust in harder and faster, your grunts extracting another gush of fluid from me as I cum quickly lost in the moment, the warm fluid running down over your balls spurs you on and sends you into a frenzy until you are digging into my flesh with your fingers and pounding my body, your own body tightening, I know you are about to cum and this knowledge sends a pulsation from my womb down through my pussy and as your warm fluid explodes into my depths I cum again in waves of ecstasy. The short ride is intense as no more words are spoken but our inability to stop looking into each other’s eyes says more than words could explain, once more my body heat rises only this time it is more li

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