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#296813 - So I left but I didn’t go to the bathroom I walked away and started watching her. I said sure! I said you have to roll over to have it running down her ass so Cristal rolled him on top never taking his dick out he began to fuck faster and faster thought I was going to see smoke! he was going so fast! She raised her leg to wrap around his back so he has full pussy!! And he was using it pounding away!! I said cum in her! Fuck her! Cum in her pussy! and to my surprise I think it got Cristal off again hearing that because she started Cumming again he was fucking like a rabbit now and Cristal just keep Cumming and Cumming probably for over a minuet! He then grabbed her ass with both hands laying all his weight on her and then he started missing a stroke or two and then started moaning ! and Cristal then grabbing his back and head and holding on tight said cum in me baby cum in my pussy breathing heavy and then he took like a really deep thrust and held it in she wrapped her legs a

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