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#415680 - “…and why should you be Froktora, Beflara?” Jertalk, Beflara’s enemy jeered, “you stand at an army of six-thousand; I stand at an army of ten! I nominate myself for Froktora right now! Who’s with me?” “Shove it up your ass, Jertalk,” roared Gorlok, an enemy of both Jertalk and Beflara, “my warg riders have been cutting your infantry to pieces for a decade; you stand at an army of dog meat!” “Oh, and that means you should be Froktora, Gorlok?” Draifak, also an enemy of Gorlok, laughed, “Because I use your alpha dog’s skull to toilet-train my children!” “I WILL EAT YOUR FUCKING CHILDREN!” Gorlok roared as his fists met the table. “You better keep your mouth shut. The fox stared up at me, panting happily.

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