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#270420 - As Shadow came into the class the whole class stared as his hair being Blood red in the front and black in the back they all were speechless. Without Shadow telling her to Orihime reached up and started to rub Tatsuki’s clit fast and hard as she kept darting her tongue out and in her asshole, while Shadow pulled his cock out 6 inches and shoved it back down Tatsuki’s throat this time her not gagging but starting to lick his balls! He slid his tongue in and out of her pussy faster as Shadow pulled out till only the head was in as he cummed inside Tatsuki’s mouth at the same time he moved his head from Tatsuki’s pussy Tatsuki came all over Orihime’s face. ” Shadow then jumped back slashing his zanpakto downwards causing it to going into its shikai without him even saying anything.

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She is so hot i wanna try too
Kagura mutsuki
Name starts with a r
Sumire otohana
This is wonderful made me horny