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#367340 - I thought for a moment and then said I would but with one proviso,Maria asked what it was,I said if I set her a task she had to carry it out without argument and to do it exactly as I demanded,she smiled and said of course she would. I wanted her to commit herself so asked if she would keep on doing it for me, she said of course for as long as I wanted her to, I said she didn’t have to ask, of course i wanted her to do it ,and for ever, but even more often than she had been,ideally I would like her to fuck or be fucked twenty four hours a day seven days a week, Maria giggled again and said in that case she wouldn’t bother asking me if it was alright for her to fuck other guy's, I said of course she didn’t have to. However I did go to sleep, I woke during the night, I looked at the time, it was three o’clock, Maria wasn’t in bed, at first all was quite, I thought Maria was still out looking for guy's, then I heard Maria giggling,she sounded as if she was enjoying herself,t

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