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#271483 - Saturday two weeks later, Sue and I were ready and the house set for the group fuck tonight, our toys and some of our friends also got a invite to add more fun, as I wanted a fucking too. It was while I was being dp that a new guy face fucked me saying, he had been curious to try bi, as I swollowed his cum, I knew he liked what he tried, my ass leaking cum as more guys took turns fucking me. Taking a good sniff of the poppers, I asked one of my guys to aim his cock at my ass, bending over the bed, he did, my eyes shot open wide as the Dobberman shoved the full 12 inches in first go, gees he was good, thrusting fully my ass was forced to take it all, but then I wasn't resisiting either wanting more, every time he pushed in.

Read Tetas YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE - Inazuma eleven Tamil YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE

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