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#220629 - My hands were moving a lot faster now, the squelching sounds echoing throughout the room, I peeled back his foreskin, teasing the outer edges of his cock head, focusing my attentions on the sensitive crown while my other hand kept pumping away furiously, I traced my fingertips around his purple, mushroom head, teasing his pee slit, Leon moaned out loud before a steady stream of precum flowed out of his opening, it took all of my will power to not wrap my plump, lips around it and suck more of his juices out as I would with a straw, instead I watched as the river of precum flowed down his shaft and added more lubrication to his already lotion, slicked cock. “ Nice to meet you Megan, I'm Leon” he said after getting up on his elbows turning his head back to look me in the eye, the smile on his big, lips was surprisingly comforting, he had that charisma and confidence that I always found attractive in men, his eyes were staring right into mine, looking at me like I was his prey, up

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