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#178224 - kyle calmed down and said ive lost everything i asked him what he ment he said to me ive lost my friends, my grate have dropped, im getting beat up all the time by the football team and most of all ive lost you i looked at kyle and couldnt be angry at him anymore i said to him kyle i will always love you but i cant be with you anymore kyle got to his feet and walked to his car i walked with him and said kyle if you need to talk i will always be there kyle turned around and kisses me so passionatly and i did nothing to stop him we stopped kissing and kyle said tell me that you didnt feel anythink but i couldnt tell him because i did feel somethink for him. i knocked on the door and was great by some woman i didnt know i said to her good everning im leonardo spencer you should be exspecting me the woman spoke to someone within the house saying some cute posh boy is here i waited for a few second in a silence with the woman. on my way to harveys i kept thinking should i

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I love everything about this
Nariyuki yuiga
How the hell i can join these kind of club
Mio sasuga
I bet it does