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#308687 - Touch it, bitch, he ordered, and with a shaky hand she encircled his member, gripping it tightly, and moaning softly at its thickness!!! Ever had one that big, baby, he asked!?! No, never, she stammered, it's huge, and so hard!!! Do you still feel slutty, he asked!?! Oh, god, she moaned softly, so slutty, oh so slutty!!! Do you know what sluts do, he pressed on!?! What, she replied in a thick voice!?! They suck, bitch, he retorted quickly, do you understand me?!? Yes, she answered softly, I understand, and with that, she dropped her head into his lap and took his thick penis into her warm mouth!!! Doug, feeling the reverberation of a moan on the end of his dick, bored his fingers hard into Missy's sloppy wet pussy! Okay, he said softly, let's do it, now!!! Missy knew exactly what Doug had in mind, and with the abandonment of a two dollar whore, she licked a swallowed his incredible hardon until it was erupting in her throat! When the first

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