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#303057 - There’s no full blown sex, but this sort of leads into how I was so lucky with females. I had no idea what to do so I just rubbed my fingers up and down her slit, she seemed to like this as her legs opened a little, I then felt her hand tugging at the zip on my trousers, when she had released my cock she started pumping her hand up and down, being older she knew a lot more than I did and took control, with her free hand she pushed her knickers down, then put her hand on top of mine and eased one of my fingers into her cunt, I didn’t know at the time but she pushed my finger against her clit and worked my finger up and down, she then removed her top and said You can suck my tit's if you want I clamped my mouth over her right tit and sucked like a baby on a bottle, after a few minutes i moved to her left tit. When Susan was in hospital giving birth to our second daughter, Chloe was in the same ward having her first, she imediatly recognised me, we caught up on things and

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