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#91490 - she struggles but falls to the floor she 5'5 tall 115 lbs im 6' 2' 240lbs i fell with her she is pinned on her side to the floor i pushed her on to her stomack putting her hands behind her back she is still fighting i get her left hand and snap the cuff on it her tee shirt is still on i ask her to remove it she said fu so i pulled her right hand out from under her and got it in the cuff i lead her to the bedroom where have a brass head board with slats in it so you can hook the hand cuff to it easy. walking at her she now sees the cuffs which she knows means she going to have to do things she doesnt want to she moves quickly trying to get by me but i got her waste and pulled her aginst me, whispering in her ear dont fight it will only be worse. i took her to the bed had her stand next to the bed and grab a small pair of sissors off the night stand she started to yell do you cut my shirt you bastard there was a a look of fear in her i we had never gone here before i gr

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How much did you pay i suscribed btw
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Closetfreak13 if in ohio i could show you a rough time
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Nasty she got her period gross