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#97817 - One day while eating her meal Ayame asks Rikimarue if it really is all about money? Rikimarue laughs and says In the begining it was for the money and watching you get brutally raped by all types of demons but things have changed, the demons have promised to teach me the dark arts, the ability to harness and manipulate dark energy . When he's done Merik takes Human form again and opens a portal and the horse demon goes through, the portal closes right after, then wrapping Ayames wrists in dark energy she can't break free from Merik covers the room in dark energy and when the energy vanishes Ayame, Merik and Rikimarue are in Rikimarus basement. Raping her mouth, pussy and ass Merik grunts and then moans as he cums and shoots his sperm down her throat, she swallows it all before Merik pulls his cock out of her mouth and then he pulls his tentacles out of her pussy and asshole.

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