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#183372 - Jessica continues her work forcing the next girl in line to mount the Jessica and straps her in tight, pushes the large red start button marked Auto-matic spit reload the machine begins to hum as the new spit falls into place behind the struggling girl who is now Jessica and Jessica 3000's new unwilling victim. Looking around the room at other girls having just been brought in for processing Jessica, you may choose one for yourself he said pointing to the girls being lead in from the van's, Jessica looks them up and down Can I do what ever I want with the one I choose? she asked, Yes anything you want, she will be your personal property, you can choose a new one every two months but the last one must be slaughtered and processed before you can take another he said as Jessica walked over to inspect the new girls. Jerry smiled and nodded his approval to her statement, as a fight broke out between two of the other three remaining meat-girls in the line waiting for a

Read Cousin Kyouhaku Goukan - Threatening Rape Huge Kyouhaku Goukan - Threatening Rape

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Sora naegino
She is one of my favourite
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So lucky
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