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#263066 - Moving slowly downwards nuzzling her neck and the top of her breasts I took her left nipple in my mouth and slowly suckled her till her little nipple became very hard, I then proceeded to suck on her right nipple as well, again this nipple became very firm, I decided I would leave a mark on her so I bit into her nipple hard and left a slight puncture mark. ” “If you don't let me drink she will kill you for perving on her daughter Uncle!” This little bitch was now annoying me, how had she gained the upper hand? “C'mon Uncle Terry let me have just one more glass and I will let you sniff my crotch. I lift the crotch area of my niece’s panties to my nose and sniff that fine aroma; a mixture of young girl pee, sweat and vaginal secretions would drive me wild with lust.

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