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#143965 - My mother was pinching her nipples, pulling them outwards and twisting them as she moaned softly, I watched Kurt lean over and take one of my mother's nipples into his mouth, then I heard my mother scream as if she was in pain, she tried to lift Kurt's mouth up of her nipple, I guessed that he had bit her nipple and when he did lift his mouth of my mother's nipple I saw how red he had made it and how big it had grown it was twice the size of her other nipple. He told me I would like having my arse fucked but he was too big for my first time, I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that he wasn't going to fuck my butt with his big cock. My mother saw how disappointed I was and she cuddled me and gave me a kiss and told me I could go the next time, my mother then said we could have our own party and that I could invite my best friend Robert to a sleepover, would you let him fuck you I asked my mother, if he promises not to tell anyone I will if you want me too, my mo

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Kiyomi takada
Nice booty on her give us more