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#418916 - Your not gay are you? Me: if I am does it matter ? Ali: no that's great uh I mean that's cool Me: look ali I saw that you had seen my pictures on my xbox and I saw you rubbing you cock though your jeans did you like what you saw? Ali:look I lied about wanting to come here to study i came here because I heard you gave Ben C a BJ By pastoral and he said you were amazing and I'm bi sexual and I want you to suck me so much Me: uh that's not true Ali looked at me in my towel and said I guess you'll need some persuading won't you so with that he removes his top which showed the chizzled body i had imagined whilst masturbating about having him in my bed and now i was getting the opportunity to do so.

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Geil wie sie ihm die eier leckt
Natsuki sakaki
I nut on hamsters