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#254700 - Does your Master know yes Mistress he was there, did you like it I liked what she did to me before when she beat me, but when she told me to have sex (you mean fuck her) yes Mistress I lost my erection so Master fucked me while I fucked her, get into slave pose Molly watch Michael hands behind your back chest out? Today we will begin with impact play Michael your Master said that you can only cum at the end of the session and only if you have earned it. Michael I know that your Master sent you here we have we are old friends. He tells me that he loves his Master and doesn’t want to leave so he agreed to come and get fulltime training with Mistress he also tells me that his Master is looking for a girl also.

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Cure white
Crystal is the best
Anyone know his name i rather b stretshed wide insteed of deep
Juri saijo
Tbh sex with my brother was always one of the best