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#133277 - He asked me how I knew what to do to his penis and although a bit embarrassed I could not help but tell him what had happened with my brother and he smiled as he took his fingers out and put more of his semen on them before returning them to my hole pushing and waggling them all round my entrance. I did not kid myself, knowing from that moment, that as young as I was I wanted this to happen often and I would want it to last a lot longer, giggling to myself knowing how easy it would be to get men to do it to me. Two or three months went quickly by and one day my brother told me that uncle Burt was hoping that I would visit him now things were quieter but I did not go in case my mum found out, uncle Peter though was always asking me what had happened and although I blushed at his questions did not tell him anything, mainly I think because my aunt was always there, scared again in case they told anyone else.

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