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#384067 - It was only half-past nine! I thought that maybe my first assessment of him had been wrong and that, perhaps, a “quick fuck” was all he needed. Oh God! As he bent over and his loose shirt pulled up, he revealed his bare back, soft pink-white flesh with just a few freckles to add interest, below which, the waist of his jeans was now pulled down across his backside, revealing above it the top of his underwear, now stretched tightly across his bum and showing a neat little “rabbit-burrow” in the middle – leading to, “you know where”! I nearly came in my briefs on the spot! It was all I could do to resist putting both hands on that fantastic bottom, now pointing directly at me and simply crying-out to be grabbed. His strong arms around me showed such firm strength but, at the same time, such gentle warmth and kindness that I knew he wanted more than just a fast fuck.

Read Periscope Kyuu Nitamonodoshi Kanzenban Soushuuhen - Original Cornudo Kyuu Nitamonodoshi Kanzenban Soushuuhen

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Love this hentai thanks for sharing tho
Ringo kinoshita
Great stuff