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#337168 - I didn’t think too much of it so I decided to just go ahead and open it, when I walked in I noticed her laptop was just lying on her bed with the screensaver going, but she wasn’t there, so I decided I would see what she was doing on her laptop and wait until she came back, when I touched the mouse pad the screen turned on and showed a full screen porn with a man tit-fucking a sexy young woman, I was really surprised because Sara didn’t seem like the type of girl to be watching that type of porn, or porn at all! Without thinking I hit the play button, pulled down my pants and started jacking myself off to the porn, a few minutes into stroking myself I heard the toilet down in the hall bathroom flush and I suddenly realised that she was walking down the hall so I quickly stopped jacking off and set her computer back where it was but I was worried because the screen was still on the porn. She walked over to my bed and slowly pulled my sheets off me, I was wearing only boxers to bed bec

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Sexy girl
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