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#307484 - Ohh where is that Naga when I really need her she said thought the pain of being partially spitted, Ohh ya I roasted her she sighed to herself seeing the pile of bones on the ground that use to be Naga, If I dont think of something my bones will join hers she thought again, just when she could feel the spit enter her throat and exit her mouth she knew she was done for she heard something off in the distance, LIGHT COME FORTH Lina could see a beem of pure light comeing from the hilt of a sword weilded by a young man with long blond hair in just one acttack all the bandits were dead. And what do you think your going to do with that? Lina asked looking up at Gourry and his sword, Im going to use it to carry out the justice you deserve for roasting that beautiful young woman? Gourry replied, FIREBALL Lina yelled causing her own hands to burst into a ball of fire and threw it at Gourry, GAH Gourry gasped and tried to dodge the fireball headed for him but failed and fell

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