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#306383 - The loud buzzing of the saw was now nothing more than background noise, she needed more. Tifa had thought the entire thing through very carefully, she’d have a freshly sharpened knife on her in case she needed to cut herself free, the levers responded well and the movement of the rollers wasn’t too fast and the machine itself had a laser tripwire which, then tripped, would stop the machine completely, the tripwire itself was designed to be set off by her feet, not the log and was just a few inches in front of the saw, mounted to the wall. And the more she diddled herself and the more she thought about it, the more her orgasms increased in numbers and in intensity until she was constantly screaming in absolute pleasure, her back arched as much as it could under the restraining rope, drool slid down her cheek, her eyes squeezed shut and her finger frozen in place in her vagina before relaxing, a smile crossed her face and she pulled her finger out.

Read Loira Yoheidan Ninmu no Hakensaki de - Xenoblade chronicles 2 Kinky Youheidan Ninmu no Hakensaki de

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