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#389253 - I was left with only my underwear on my body so i removed it and went in for a warm shower as i stood in front of a large mirror i seen my naked body in it and admired my nakedness with my 8 inch shaft in full erection i thought to myself if i was a girl having a perfect set of breast and a plain surface which would be my pussy i would caress and finger while in the shower so i started imagining that i am a girl having a perfect set of breast with long perky nipples and a bald and wet pussy and i also imagined that i was watched by a man who had a strong and 9 inch cock throbbing for some wet pussy i see him while fingering and caressing myself it was a virtual sex encounter which felt great while i was into the act i felt like i was cumming in a form of a girl and i let out a loud mourn of satisfaction and came back to my senses and realised that i had cum loads of my manhood load in the shower.

Read Public Fuck Prototype Mademoiselle | 試作型千金小姐 Face Prototype Mademoiselle | 試作型千金小姐

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