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#93823 - I flashed her a quick smile to which she gave me an awkward smile. I pulled into the driveway, checked the mirror to make sure I was looking my best and when I determined I was, I got out and made my way to the front door. While I was definitely no expert on girls, I could tell that she was glad she was with me too.

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Elis malvin
Nicely done
I honestly wanted to read more than fuck her
Mmm lets fuck with me
Titsy morgan
Sometimes you can give your significant other the benefit of the doubt but she cant see you eye to eye and understand that you re trying to be there for her if you really want to be with her give her some time to get over her ex or confront her make some time to talk no yelling or nothing just genuine questions with some genuine answers i know that s super vague but i hope it can help