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#392503 - You will not stop thinking about me and how much you want me to fuck you in all three holes and drink every last drop of my cum Josh whispered to Kara and then turned off the device and said goodbye to everyone. He took off her top and began sucking on her cute tities which her so big for her skinny 18-year-old body, Kara began fingering her asshole and couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this. The more Kara tried to resist the thought the harder it was to not think about it and she slowly found herself rubbing her pussy through her tights, she looked up at the clock and there was still 30 minutes to 5 and she thought there was no way she could last without at least masturbating so she ran to the toilets like she was about to piss herself, and as soon as she sat down the tights, the skirt EVERYTHING came off.

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