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#311041 - We were staying with another family member, but seeing as Luke owned a pub and had room we moved in with him for a few days, it turned out to better than I hoped. No sooner had Alan dropped out of my ass then Luke took over, his cock just touching the sides, but he too soon added more cum to the rest inside me, his cock went soft inside me, I turned to suck him dry, as I did Grant lay under me and I sat over his face, with both hands on my as cheeks, I pushed the cum from my butt, Grant licked it all up, then I swung around kissing him and sharing the cum, you could have heard a pin drop as both guys looked on amazed at the sight before them. I laughed and said, see, when a guys horny, silly things like another guys cum on his cock doesn’t worry him, but ask him when he’s not fucking a hot pussy or ass, and most will say “no way”, that’s why a lot of guys who swing, try bi sex and enjoy it.

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