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#284029 - As Chez slowly backed out of the room never taking her eyes off the scene in front of her Kevin reached his peak and started spurting his come deep inside Kaylene’s bowels, I could actually feel the throbbing as he unloaded but wasn’t close enough to cum myself and with the limited movement was unable to bring myself off. Kaylene jumped saying ”I didn’t mean I wanted to try it” to which Kayner replied “its too late now as he has it halfway in already” Kayner scooped a bit more lube out of her cunt and slopped it round Kevin’s prick when he pulled back a bit so he put the pressure on again and he slowly started sinking in. Auntie Chez had lost her husband a year or two before and was not in the market for a boyfriend even though she was in her mid twenties only a few years older than the rest of us, we often spent the night there in the two single beds in Kayner’s room listening to each other, joking around and chatting while having sex with our respective partners.

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