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#84867 - a few minutes later she went into the bathroom to take a shower, when she came out I went straight again, Honestly I didn't really care at that moment if she wondered why I went twice in there, all I wanted to see if there was some clothing parts. I woke up from my afternoon nap finding myself soaked with cum all over my hands and pants, When I go back remembering what happened I realised I was masturbating and fantasising my sister's naked body showering with soap slipping from her neck down between her beautiful boobs to her toes that I would give a million dollars to stick them in my mouth. When I got out of the shower I saw my mum in the livingroom and she turns to me and asks What took you so long? I have been waiting for ages for you to come out to fix the TV for me My brain just froze for no reason just when she said what took you so long the image of my sister's panties on my penis poped up in my brain.

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She was a pro with it
Kyoya ootori
Damn how do i get some dick like this lol