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#287518 - stuff and use Cole and Mike!?! After making small talk for a few minutes, Cole finally turned the conversation and asked softly, So, Mike, what is it that you'd like to do, I'm at your service!?! He fidgeted nervously in his seat and said haltingly, I-I don't know, what do you think we should do first!?! Well, Cole replied smoothly, how about if I strip for you, most of the men like seeing me take of my clothes, how does that sound to you!?! Oh, yes, he replied almost breathlessly, that sounds very nice, I'd love to see you take off your things!!! Do you like big cocks, Cole asked while taking off his shirt and exposing his smoothly muscled tanned chest!?! Y- yes, he moaned quietly, I love big cocks, is yours big!?! I don't know, he replied while sliding off his tight pants, how big is big, what's big to you might be small to someone else?!? My lover was seven inches long and that seemed pretty big to me, he moaned as Cole’s bikini

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