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#169257 - “Where is Gordon” Gordon being her husband, she timed her response to perfection. ---- Castle & Shell ---- Room 10 --- Gaynor was in her room having just put on her stockings and her French negligee she knew Mike would come, she also knew he would not say anything to anyone, she could not believe she masturbated and gave that boy a blowjob, how naughty she felt and how more eager to finish it off, it was 21:00pm almost and she sat in the room opening her legs waiting for the knock, and then “Knock knock” she said “Come in Mike” the door opened and he was wearing the same shorts with a t-shirt once he looked at her and she said as she opened her legs “I want you to lick my pussy and bury your handsome face between my legs. She could not help it and placed the cream onto the cock and began to gently stroke it “you see Mike each part of your body must be done if it is not then you still risk being burnt” she now came to the helmet as he moaned slightly, Gaynor found herself strok

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