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#251514 - Leo panted hard, his body shaking, flooded with adrenaline, he had seen his death, her sharp talon-like claws, her teeth like razors, her horns bearing his death, he let out a brief little laugh, lying on his back, staring up into the extending shadows panting hard. She growled her lust and dragged her inhumanly long tongue across his neck, making him shiver as his feet helplessly kicked at the ground, her weight and strength pinning him effortlessly as her hands ripped away any protection between her and him. She released her hand from her cock now that it had found its spot and slid it under his writhing body, gripping his flat chest, his nipple caught between her fingers as she squeezed, trying to get him to fight again as she began to urge her hips down, conquering the squirming human inch by hot, wonderful inch.

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