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#43194 - We arrive at my place I unlock my door “welcome to my house and it will be your new sanctuary” “its a bit dirty would you mind if I cleaned a bit?” “ I won't mind at all really” “ok good” I watch in astonishment as she teleports all over my apartment picking up and dropping things and some just disappearing and in a matter of seconds my house is clean and all I did was sit down and open up a beer and watch tv then she appears next to me on my little couch “so how do you like it clean huh?” “ive got to say you did a wonderful job” “why thank you oh and where is the bathroom?” “its right next to my bedroom down the hall on the left” oh ok well im going to go take a shower see ya” she is gone again and while I sit there I hear the water running in the bathroom I start thinking about how I can get her into my bed but I get a sudden chill as if something bad where about to happen so I run to the bathroom and quickly open the door and see mona there about to electrocute her self, I rush

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Fikatsia latrova
True story coquine yepp
Mamoru amami
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Kann der typ mal die schnauze halten