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#363011 - He growl in her mouth as he lay down on her covering her nude body on his fur he slowly pick his dick into her pussy she moan into his mouth as he snarl into her mouth it wasn’t long before the dick was shoved into her and he begin pumming into her she moan as she pull away form his mouth oh my my my my god yes yes yes yes yes yes oh god it feel so good aha aha he pumped into her even faster as she let out long moan as she held the direwolf to her chest she moan into his fur as he kept moving faster and faster into her pussy. Chapter 2 – Tailsa Stark + GreywindTailsa Stark was worried to death about her husband Robb Stark he was the love of her life the father of her child her everything she was scared every night for him as she through about the Lannister getting a hold of him and his men’s what would they do to him probably behead him just like they did to his father Ned Stark she didn’t want to think about it she couldn’t she just pray he came home safe to them. Greywind growl as t

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