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#269099 - My wife is a stay at home mom who looks after my daughter Sammy, she usually has her friends over who also have children of there owns and they arrange play dates at each others house though it's usually always over mine as I have the biggest house, it was a Monday and work was more stressful then usually as I had to take some photos of this rich family who didn't like any of the ones I did and kept arguing with me that I was the worst photographer ever, after hours of taking photos they finally agreed on some of the photos that I took though all the other photos that I took were pretty similar but what can you do eh? Rich people. Sammy was moaning and wriggling about on the bed and my wife Amy making slurping noises and she was enjoying it, well they both were, I tried to speak but all that came out was a slight mumble which was enough to make Amy take her face out of my daughters pussy and look at me, my head started to spin and I started to feel faint, I can explain,

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