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#307031 - We headed along a few miles, the road followed the canyon for a mile or two then I turned on to the private road that went like almost straight up or so it felt right up to the top of the canyon side and on to where the land dropped away to the ocean in a series of near vertical cliff and on to cliff top chalet I had rented for the week, it was sort of private, you know? So private she didn't need no coat to be taken indoors, she never even tried to run, well hardly, and I led her by the arm into the kitchen area. I meant pretty stunning, uh magnificent,like inspiring, I said and she relaxed and my balls started to slap her crotch. Hey! I said, not so fast, you want to eat? It's frozen! she said, I can't eat frozen chicken! Well I can hardly take you to a restaurant can I? I said, And the pizza guy will never find us will he? No, she said, Why are you doing this? Why the car keys and not the gun? I asked.

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