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Bed IMMORAL Secret Base+α - Pokemon Gay Physicals

[ニッポンバシ電脳組 (芋とか露木)] IMMORAL Secret Base+α (ポケットモンスター) [英訳] [DL版]


Parodies: Pokemon (367)
Characters: Courtney (3)
Languages: Translated
Categories: Doujinshi
23 pages - Uploaded
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#216553 - THE TWENTY-FIRST DAY Preparations for that ceremony were started early in the morning; they were of the usual sort but, and I have no idea whether or not it was by a stroke of chance, the inspection uncovered signs of the young bride's misbehavior. It was not long before the Président's braying resounded through the castle, and despite all Duclos' attentions, little Hébé returned weeping from the hurlyburly; there was even more to it than tears, but we dare not yet disclose just what it was had set her to trembling. But there was moreto it than that, the Comte was not the sort of a man to be appeased by a mere discharge; Lucile, fully aware of the role she was to play, now that he had been relieved, busied herself preventing the old woman from noticing what he was about, and the Comte, rummaging through every corner of the room, came upon a silver goblet, the last vestige of the material well-being that had once upon a time been this poor wretch's; he put

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