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#80750 - I went down to Cornwall that week end to see Emily and take her a few things, I arrived while Emily was still in class, so I had to hang about in the hospital canteen, while there a nurse I recognised from meeting that night I first had sex with Emily came up to me, she sat with me saying she was happy to see me, “Oh you’ve probable forgot, I’m Jody”, we chatted for a while then she said she would have to be going as she needed to shower and change out of her uniform, as she stood she looked at her watch, “Emily will be off in about an two hours” she took a few steps then turned and said “Why don’t you come back with me, you can’t stay here until she finish’s” “I can’t put you out, I’ll be fine here” “No, come on, I can make you a better coffee and cheaper than in here” “No, don’t mind me” “Come on I insist, Emily is my friend and I cant leave her dad on his own” “If your shore” “Come on” I could see she wouldn’t take no for an answer so I followed her out and down to the flats, we pas

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