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#251024 - “wait dad was in the hospital with you!?” I said shocked at this “yup he came right over and sat down next to me he was quiet for the longest time as he tried to think of the words to say then guess what” “what?” I asked curiously “out of nowhere you started crying in my arms you actually got your father to smile and made us both laugh” “hes got a good voice I can tell he'll be a fine man someday” your father said very proudly “look I wanted to apologize for putting this heavy burden on you I know right now you wont understand but in the future there will be things to happen some behind the shadows but many out open to the world for all to see and our son will be there to guide it all this great change to the world I can feel it” he smiled while wiping a tear from his eyes “just one more thing” I looked at him curiously “what?” “may I please have a picture with my kids” “and that's how my story ends please excuse me for a bit I’m just getting emotiona

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