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#72506 - I legged it to my back door with my cock still out to the sound of the two chubby girls laughing at me. Sat on the sofa I was in tears at the embarrassment that I faced from my wanking actions when the back door opened and Tracey & Stacey walked right in, they wear still only in there bikinis and obviously on the drunk side. I was once again approaching the point of no return and warned them of my predicament, to my surprise Stacey just carried on and let me enjoy my orgasm without further torture, and as I was shooting the last of my cum over my own face and chest Tracey said ok babe what’s it to be, front or back, I opted for the front not knowing what I had coming to me, Trace straddled my face for the second time and as I looked up at her shaven fat cunt she started to piss all over my face it was hot a smelled really bad but I have to admit to finding it very erotic and just to prove to myself and the girls how much I liked it when I was told to open my mouth I did so gladly, an

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